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Deli X Chems

Deli x Chems “MeTurtal” Polycarbonate Fingerboard Complete

Deli x Chems “MeTurtal” Polycarbonate Fingerboard Complete

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Need a fingerboard setup for less???

Check out this Fingerboard Complete!

Featuring the 33mm x 96mm POLYCARBONATE deck from Deli x Chems, with a new Chems real wear graphic on the bottom side! 

The Deli x Chems Polycarbonate decks are made from the same polymer used to make bulletproof glass! These are great for an outdoor setup, or a setup to take with you on the go! Since the Polycarbonate is more dense than wood, it also has a heavier feel. This extra weight pairs well with the lightweight Vortex V3 trucks!

Equipped with 33mm Vortex V3 Trucks and illpills Pro Urethane Wheels! The trucks have an interchangeable kingpin that can be inserted from top or bottom, giving the ability to have a standard or inverted kingpin! It comes set up as inverted (as shown in image). Also equipped with new soft, and super responsive symmetrical Black Cat bushings!

This complete comes fully assembled, but with two uncut sheets of Black Cat 2.0 Premium foam grip tape for you to apply yourself! Grip it how you want! And to top it off, the complete comes packaged in the new Chems Skateable Storage Box!

Stickers, a Tool, Extra Locknuts, one extra illpills wheel, as well as an extra white set of the original vortex V3 super soft bushings!

These are perfect as a gift for a friend or family member who has been interested in upgrading their setup!

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