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Apex Fingerboard Board Rails (CHOOSE COLOR)

Apex Fingerboard Board Rails (CHOOSE COLOR)

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Slickrails are made out of celluloid (guitar pick material) and reinforced with veneer for a Board Rail that produces effortless slides with virtually no resistance. Strong, durable and now Guaranteed for Life. These are handmade in Apex, North Carolina by someone with attention to detail and a love for fingerboarding.

Each set of Slickrails comes with the following:

-1 Set of Literal Fire Slickrails
-20 screws, 10 silver and 10 black
-2 Rail Centering Tools to align your rails for installation. 1.5mm and 2.5mm spacing
-A 3-in-1 Fingerboard tool
-5 ApexFBS decals

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