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Boardy Cakes

Boardy Cakes Therm O Thane Cold Shift Skateboard Wheels

Boardy Cakes Therm O Thane Cold Shift Skateboard Wheels

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Introducing Boardy Cakes Therm O Thane!

These 55mm 95a wheels change color in the cold from white (at 72°F and above) to blue (at 55°F and below). The color change happens gradually based on the ambient temperature of the air below 72°F.

The 55mm Therm O Thanes have a round cut shape and measure 33mm wide with a 16mm non-treaded (smooth) riding surface.

All Boardy Cakes wheels are  individually cut to size & shape on the same equipment used in the 1990's

All wheels are sold as sets of four (4)

The 95a is a true throwback street duro with a balance of slide & grip. Smoother on rough surfaces than harder wheels they are not soft like cruisers.

Made in USA!

WARNING: These wheels are NOT designed to provide any addtional grip in wet or Icy conditions. Use your best judgement when skating in cold weather and always be aware of your surroundings. 

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