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Level Up

Level Up Beta Bushings for Fingerboard Trucks

Level Up Beta Bushings for Fingerboard Trucks

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Molded urethane rubber bushings provide a realistic feel for fingerboarding and come in a variety of colors. Designed to fit popular nut trucks such as Black River, Tech Deck, and various Chinese models, Beta Bushings are suited for loose to medium response tuning. They are also suitable for select inverted kingpin trucks, including Dynamic (without washers) and all Chinese hex bolt trucks. However, do not overtighten. If tight responsiveness is desired, this product is not the best option.

- 2 cone shaped top bushings
- 2 barrel shaped bottom bushings
- 2 top washers (suggested for use on all nut-style trucks)

* These Beta Bushings are mixed by hand and may differ between batches. To ensure a uniform shade, each set of bushings is collected from a single batch.

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