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Piro Scarlet Red Fingerboard Wheels

Piro Scarlet Red Fingerboard Wheels

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Introducing the Piro Performance Wheel, an exceptional all-around wheel designed for transitions and technical tricks on flat ground. With its duo conical shape, it offers superb performance.

The Bowl Mini, on the other hand, combines the advantages of a shorter wheel with a wide riding area, providing the best of both worlds.

The Mini and Mid both offer extra responsiveness and excellent control for tricks and tight turns. The Mid is the same shape as the mini, just ever so slightly larger.

The Bowl shape is larger. It adds more weight and is great for people needing a more balanced setup. Great for transition and all around skating.

Discover the perfect wheels for your fingerboarding adventures!

Mini - 6.5mm x 4mm
Mid - 6.75mm x 4.5mm
Bowl mini - 7mm x 5.25mm
Performance - 8mm x 4.75mm
Bowl - 8.5mm x 6mm

- 4 Wheels 
- 2 Piro Stickers!
- ABEC 7 Bearings

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